El Tumbo de las Olas (The Sound of the Waves)


is a private luxury eco-lodge set on three acres where the ocean and rainforest meet in a stunning embrace. El Tumbo is a two story luxury home with a floor plan designed for communing with friends, family, and the natural world. The open walls and unique architectural fingerprint of the home invite the sounds and sights of the land to captivate and enchant guests.


Our Wildlife

Nearby hikes and jungle corridors invite fun animal encounters that could include walks to the beach with Blue Morpho butterflies fluttering about, and morning wake-up calls from the chatter of monkeys playing on nearby jungle vines.

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5 Star Food

The El Tumbo dining experience is five star status, in the middle of the jungle, with two personal chefs who take pride in the art and flavor of great food. There is nothing else like it on earth!

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